Smart Green


Young man standing in a wheat field at sunset in virtual reality glasses

Smart green is proud to present one of its unique services, crop simulation, which is used in over 100 countries worldwide for agricultural decision support. It allows simulating hypothetical scenarios for the crop, soil, and water management and estimating predicted outcomes.

We can simulate a wide range of crop types (mainly field crops and vegetables) by recording the following characteristics for a given land:

  1. Soil chemical properties (pH, N, organic matter, …)
  2. Soil physical characteristics (Bulk density, texture, soil depth, …)
  3. Meteorological data (temperature, RH%, solar radiation, etc.)
  4. Crop genetic coefficients
  5. Current and previous management 
  6. Crop cultivar and features

When the mentioned information is inputted in a crop simulation model, the computer can simulate different “hypothetical” management scenarios such as testing divers of:


  • Spaces between plants
  • Seed planting depths
  • Planting densities
  • Fertilizers types and application methods
  • Irrigation schedules and types 


Crop simulation can be used to determine optimal options, diagnose any significant problems, or improve the farm’s economic output, among many other benefits.

The quality of simulation output relies on the quality of data taken from the land (soil, water, plant, management) and the calibration process, and here in Smart Green AgriTech, we utilize the most reliable labs and data sources. We save no effort in producing reliable calibration results.