Smart Green

Agricultural Water Management

Irrigation system in function watering agricultural plants

Atrophy in the growth of some agricultural varieties in certain seasons, undesirable traits in the crop, quality variation in some regions of the farm, and many other problems can be traced back to a problem with water quality or irrigation scheduling or issues with the soil on your farm.


Variation in the physical properties of the soil can cause a difference in the ability of the soil to retain water, which may cause a shortage of water for some plants, or a lack of oxygen in the root zone of other plants in the same farm, under the same irrigation schedule, and this may also cause the accumulation of salts in areas Certain soils and not others, or this may be due to low irrigation efficiency or water distribution.

Smart Green provides an integrated service that allows diagnosing problems related to water management on the farm, including:

  • Water quality assessment
  • Evaluation of irrigation efficiency and distribution
  • The physical properties of the soil


This service allows you to know in-depth details about the agricultural plot, enables you to estimate the actual seasonal need for water in your farm, and helps to diagnose problems related to irrigation such as poor crop production for specific seasons or in certain areas of the farm. Whereas dealing with Salinity is difficult after symptoms, early diagnosis before symptoms appear is the best approach.

We at Smart Green provide:

  • Detailed reports that help in the management of the farm.
  • Prepare accounts for agricultural engineers and non-technical people in agriculture to help the entire farm team understand weaknesses and problems, if any, and help develop plans to deal with them.
  • If the symptoms are related to plant nutrition and soil fertility, our company also provides services within another package.

Smart Green uses the latest scientific research results in agriculture and irrigation from international refereed journals and accredited analytical laboratories to help you raise agricultural productivity and contribute to the pursuit of food security in the Middle East and adapt to the effects of climate change.