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Smart Green for AgriTech Solutions and Alayyan for Greenhouses is a Joint-Venture that brings together more than 30 years of agribusiness experience. Alayyan is a leader in manufacturing greenhouses and technologies, exporting high-quality greenhouses for different countries using high standers. Smart Green provides AgriTech solutions to agribusinesses for Digital Transformation from traditional farming to smart farming through “Smart Irrigation and Fertigation System.”

Agricultural Traditional Tunnels

  • 17 arches (9 m wide, 39 m long)
  • 20 arches (9m width, 46.5m length)
  • 24 arches (9m width, 56.5m length)

Cooled Tunnels

Multi-span Greenhouses

Its area and height are more significant than tunnel houses and can be designed in many shapes and additions such as:

Cooling Systems

  • Carton: the most common pads, measuring between 1 – 2 m in length and 10 – 20 cm in thickness, are Italian-made by the company PERICOLI.
  • Plastic: Cooling pads made of Polypropylene, a plastic material that is distinguished from traditional cells, as follows:
  1.  Lifetime up to more than twice the lifespan of the carton cells.
  2.  Ease of cleaning.
  3.  No corrosion and thus less maintenance.

Cooling Ponds


Hydroponics Systems

Hydroponics is one of the innovative methods of agriculture (soilless cultivation), meaning it depends on water and a group of elements to provide all the plant’s needs for growth.

In recent years, using this agricultural technique has increased rapidly due to its economic viability and commercial return, especially in the cultivation of vegetables.

The essential equipment in hydroponic systems is:

  Doutch Buocket

  PVC pipe


The essential advantages of hydroponics:

  Cultivation without the need for conventional soil.

  Water-saving by a large percentage.

 The ability to accurately control plant nutrition with the necessary elements.

 Ease of irrigation and sterilization of the agricultural environment.

 Increase plant productivity through the ability to improve feeding processes and root aeration.

 Significantly reducing the use of chemical pesticides, thus increasing crop quality and protecting the environment.


  • Alayyan Greenhouses, with 30 years of experience in the field of greenhouses, meets the requirements of completing agricultural projects to the fullest through many services that are provided with high professionalism:
  • Installing all types of greenhouses and supervising their installation by specialized engineers and technicians.
  • Providing nurseries with the latest technologies and equipment.
  • Conduct comprehensive studies for agricultural projects and provide engineering and technical drawings for clarification.
  • Design and implement all types of agricultural houses upon request.